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Tuesday 28 May 2013

Our Visit to Changi Airport!

After Le Xin and I went to Snow's fosterer place to visit her, I decided to bring Le Xin to Changi Airport for her to view the aeroplane at the viewing gallery.
Let's check out what we did there.......
Firstly, we went to the playground at T3 for some fun and Le Xin really enjoyed herself to an extend that she didn't want to leave :p
Mummy hold my hand said Le Xin
Riding on the see-saw with Mummy :)
Climbing up...
Getting down....

As I was observing her, I noticed that it was kind of challenging for her to grab the pole to cross over....she was quite scared in the beginning....

But gained the confidence when she realised she was actually able to balance herself....good job Le Xin :)

Fine motor skill

Next, she continued to explore other parts of the playground equipment...

See Mummy I am stuck said Le Xin as she smiled at me when doing that action haha so funny!

Then I had to had to tell her it was time for us to go as we need to explore other places at Changi Airport. She bid goodbyesadly to her favourite hangout spot and that's okay because we ended up at.....

YA KUN!!!!!!!!!!!

I mad love the food at Ya Kun it's yummy to no end.....

Le Xin observing the soft boiled egg and she was eager to try it :)

Next was the yummiest FRENCH TOAST........Hooray!!!

Don't believe?

Let's take a look at Le Xin's expression.....

Must have been sooo tasty to her......She kept wanting me to share it with her :)

Le Xin saw some colourful balloon in an indoor play system and she was totally blown away...

She stood there for a very long just looking and looking....

A curious child with a curious mind

And finally she couldn't resist and asked Mummy can I go in? A lot of balloon inside! 
For a moment  I was hesitant  and was thinking to myself should I let her go in and play? However, after considering for a while I knew I had to reject her. The play system in Changi Airpot is far too costly, furthermore I find that the equipment inside are kind of limited so it was not worth the money at all. Sorry I know I have become a "Budget Mummy" but I promise her that I will definitely bring her to somewhere more EXCITING than this stay tune to my next post!!!!

Lastly what's a trip to Changi Airport without visiting the viewing gallery?

Here it is.......
Looking at the aeroplanes

Next she requested for my camera to take a photo

Taking another shot from a different angle...

Le Xin is perhaps one of the most professional toddler photographer I have ever seen in my life. She is very particular about how the photos that she has taken will turn out to be so she makes a conscious effort to ensure that she is focused when taking each and every photo.

She was like checking to make sure that she has captured a good view and I was like WOW!!!!

This was one of the photos she has taken....I didn't teach her how to focus on an image to take a photo. Most of the time I just allow her to explore on her own, I guess she really has interest in photography.

There were several displays in Changi Airport which I called them "mini exhibits" and this was one of them that caught Le Xin's attention. Pets of course......children generally find animals quite fascinating:)

Next we went for a walk at Level 1 @ T3

Le Xin just enjoys going over and under this but I was thinking what's the right name for it? Do we call this barricade?

Look what Le Xin has found? A WINDMILL!!!

She climbed up on the chair and asked me for my camera again!

It seems like she can't wait to take a photo of it....

This was the  photo she took well done my darling girl!

All right my turn to take a photo of my precious baby and as usual........

She wanted to take a photo of me too :)

We ended our trip with a sky train ride. I wanted to explore T2 but Daddy Scott called and asked if we wanna meet up so we headed to Changi City Point to meet him after that :p
I really had an enjoyable time with Le Xin at Changi Airport. Despite staying home with her for 3 months, I seldom bring her out on a trip like this because I felt very bad leaving Snow Snow alone at home. Don't get me wrong, I am not blaming our beloved doggy for this. We still miss her very much though but it's just that when you keep a dog, you tend to think a lot especially the thought of the doggy feeling really bored when you are out. Snow Snow tends to be up to naughty tricks when we are out so I will usually leave her in a  pen and I do not have the heart to leave her there for so long, so I make it a point to come home as fast as I could everytime I leave home.....yeah but after visiting Snow I thought it's a good idea to spend a day out with Le Xin and I am pretty sure we enjoyed each other's company!

I really love going out with Le Xin as she is quite independent. I do not need a pram or anything, most of the time she is willing to walk on her own now and she is pretty easy to pacify except on days where she feels tired.....Alright ending this post with a quote I saw......a meaningful one and I hope you like it :)

"Many parents try very hard to give their children everything. But if everything does not include their time and presence, they do their youngsters and themselves injustice" - Thomas J. McSweeney

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