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Wednesday 1 May 2013

We are going to the zoo...zoo....zoo...

I have always wanted to bring Le Xin to the zoo. We have been talking about wild animals for the longest time and I think it's a good experience for her to finally see those animals in REAL LIVE!
So here's is it......our family outing to the zoo with my sister and her family too on Labour Day!
Tevin and Le Xin getting ready to go in......haha don't they just look like a mini couple holding hands.....Tevin is soooo sweet he kept saying he wanted to wait for Le Xin...
Here's Tricia and Travis who were extremely thrilled to see the Panda where's Tevin and Le Xin, haha apparently the two of them were kinda scared to go near so they think it's a better idea to stay away from the black and white furry thingy! whahahahha :)
First up we saw the parrot, Le Xin could identify the parrots and I was asking her Do you think they can talk to you Le Xin? and she replied Parrot talk parrot talk!
We spotted a lazy anteater dozing off and Le Xin said Mummy I can see the anteater sleeping
One of the most beautiful animal in the zoo has got to be the white tiger.....They are lovely and I took a video of one of the tigers....Simply astounding so keep reading till the end......
Le Xin observing the skeleton of a dinosaur with Tevin and Travis
Mummy you see, what is that? asked little Le Xin curiously!
These are a special kind of hippo, yeah I know they don't really look the normal hippo that we know. When Le Xin saw them, she said Mummy and her baby hippo! haha so cute right? She was able to relate to animals and their :)
Yeah time to visit the Kangaroo!
Kangaroos are such lovely animals.....I just love to see them hop :) Happiness!
The boys posing for their Mummy to take a photo of them :)
One big fellow munching a whole lot of food!......Now Le Xin you know that tortoise can grow up to be this come again did you just say our Torie is very big?
Just when we thought what we just saw was we saw two bigger ones ( in fact they are the biggest species simply giantic)......for a moment I thought they were just huge rocks......they are sooo huge that they look kinda fake
The small little Indian star tortoise definitely look way cuter......
But they can't be as cute as us for sure!....whahahaha very BHB right?
The biggest lizard I have ever seen in my who tell me the ones in the kitchen are freaky?
Then we took a break and went on a Merry-go-round much of fun!
Why do you need to  fancy Little Ponies when the real one are sooooo much cuter....This pony looks so adorable......kawaii to the MAX!
Time to refine gross motor skill.....
Learning how to balance on the wooden planks together with Daddy Scott! Great Job Le Xin!
Next, it was Tevin's turn. Well done! Tevin :)
Time for some playground fun!
Turning on a round-about!
After our lunch, we went on to explore and we saw some of my all time favourite wild animals.......
First up were the Rhinos! Le Xin and I have been discussing about how some people can sooooo cruel to the extent that they cut the horn of the rhinos to sell them for money. Le Xin often tells me Cannot cut horn, rhino pain!
Before reaching the zoo, Le Xin was like sharing with me that she really wanted to see the I am glad we managed to spot them :)
I go crazy everytime I see a can they be this tall I often wonder.....They the most perfect creatures created by God hahaha for their height at least :) ya ya I know I am jealous of them can? :p Well, obviously this giraffe was a SUPER POSER! It kept posing for us to take photo of it, freaking CUTE!
 Last but the not least, doe a deer a female deer.....haha maybe it's a male haha :)
I think visiting a zoo is a MUST for all preschoolers.....The details of each animal that can be found on the zoo panels are very informative and visiting the zoo provides the kind of exposure for your child especially if you want them to learn more about Wild Animals :) 
 For me, going to the zoo for the first time with my own child was really different as compared to going to the zoo with my students in a group setting. As you know I am a preschool teacher, so seriously I have visited Mandai zoo for countless times.....not to mention those zoo outings I went with my friends! However, I think our Mandai Zoo is still an interesting place to visit, if not for the weather, everything will be soooo perfect :)
 Fortunately on the day we went to the zoo,  the rain stopped just before we went in, so it wasn't hot!Praise the Lord for that.....We really had a memorable outing and even though all of us were dead tired by the time we took a cab home, the FUN and HAPPINESS we had will stay with us for a long least for me....even as I browse through those photos we took!
Okay as promise here's the Camwhoring White Tiger video that I took! Just a short clip but let me tell you why I like it.....

Cause where on earth can you find a tiger that likes to be a model, it kept doing cat walk for at least more than 10 times for all its "audience" pacing to and fro.......what was missing was really the red carpet :p
Bye.......hope you like my Mandai Zoo review :)

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