Baby Le Xin

Sunday 3 June 2012

Le Xin's First Baking Experience!

I am not a cake person. Neither love to eat cakes nor know how to bake one but there is always a cheaper and easier way to get the job done!

Initially, I was really inspired to bake rainbow cupcakes which I saw in some Aussie's blogs  but well I personally think it's too difficult to bake such cake for the first attempt. As such, I tried the baking experience with Le Xin using Diaso - Vanilla cake mixture. $2 for a box of two packets of flour!

It's really quick and easy and the best part...........Le Xin really enjoyed the entire process :)

Firstly I showed her all the equipment/tools that were needed. She was somehow fascinated with the whisk.

Then I showed her how to crack an egg, and put it in the bowl. She immediately started to whisk the egg and appeared to enjoy whisking and pouring the flour at the same time.

It's just so amazing to observe her pouring the flour from the packet all by herself without my help, perhaps I have missed too much of her development, it seems that I often have such awesome feeling when Le Xin could accomplish more than what I expected.

Le Xin was really focussing when she tried to whisk the flour and the egg together. She paused a few times to observe how the flour was blending into the mixture. I tried helping her to whisk but she kept pushing my hands away. I strongly feel that if she knows how to talk she would tell me Hey I can do it by myself, let me do it! So I decided that I should give her the chance to whisk the mixture by herself.

Next, Le Xin and Mummy put the mixture into a mug. I told Le Xin we need to put the mug into the microwave for just 1 minute and our vanilla cake will be ready, she was really excited and walked towards the microwave to take a look. Daddy Scott came out and said it was not a good idea for anyone to stand near the microwave which was really true too so we had  to wait outside the kitchen till we heard our microwave "calling" us haha!

A big accomplishment for my darling girl as she observed the cake that she baked. She tried to poke the cake to feel the texture

Not bad at all for the first cake that you baked Le Xin, Mummy is so proud of you!

Le Xin absolutely wasted no time and took her first bite and of course I think she finds the cake yummy......afterall she ate everything in less than 15 minutes!

You really don't need a Science text book to teach how liquid state can possibly change to solid state or use a recipe book to teach a child how to cook.....simple learning experience like this creates a platform for critical thinking and communication too! 

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