Baby Le Xin

Saturday 9 June 2012

Fun @ East Coast!

Daddy Scott and I brought Le Xin to East Coast Park to attend the farewell party for the leavers of my class in N2 Creators.

I believe this isn't Le Xin's first sand play because I know she played sands with her friends too at MFS! She really appeared to enjoy it though, scooping the sand to fill up the bucket and pouring it out again.

Daddy Scott fed Le Xin a very big strawberry. We were delighted to know she actually loves the strawberry, we thought it is sour and she might reject the taste but she took one big bite and wanted more!

My Mandarin teacher in my class, Su Yan, really loves Le Xin. She finds her EXTREMELY cute! So she said to her If I give you some food to eat can you take a picture with me? Daddy Scott told Su Yan that's bribery but of course she didn't seem to mind about what he said because the focus was to take photo with my darling girl. Look at the delicious mangoes that were used to bribe Le Xin haha!

Se Yeon obviously played her role very well as a big sister. She brought Le Xin to feel the wet sand below their feet and to look at the waves on the beach. Le Xin held her hand very tightly but she had a fall and all her clothes was wet but that's okay, I brought extra clothes to change her. I just like how Le Xin is willing to make friends with almost everyone she encounters.... How sweet is that!

She even made friends with Bosco, Adam's dog! I thought she will be scared of Bosco, afterall Bosco is quite a big retriever yeah? To my surprise, she was not frighten at all, Raisha asked Le Xin to give Bosco a big cuddle and she did! She also patted Bosco.....Well done my princess!

The battery for my camera went flat...Aww~ Daddy Scott still managed to use my hp to capture a photo of me and my darling girl before we left.

That's the end of our Saturday's picnic at East Coast, thanks God for He really blessed us with good weather.

An outing is never just an outing, it means adding another learning experience in the chapter of a child's life!

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