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Monday 4 June 2012

Attending Preschool for the very First Time!

Like any other parents, I am really feeling apprehensive about Le Xin's going to preschool. I went to several child care centres to visit and in the end..... I chose My First Skool @ Bedok South Road.

Is she going to adapt? Will she cry? Will she have problems making friends? Will she get mozzi bites in school? Will she be sick? All these questions do really pop up every now and then, the whole idea is just to LET GO! and to allow Le Xin to enjoy what she truly deserves.....a happy childhood in a school that she feels comfortable going to!

I feel at ease to know that the teachers in her school are very caring towards the children and how the principal Pamela is friendly and approachable A good team is very important to bring out the best in what they can do for the children. I guess sometimes it's about "the feel". The moment I entered this child care centre, my first impression is that it is very clean. It's quite spacious and I like the idea that both the toddler and PG classes are in an insolated bay so when there is an outbreak of HFMD it will not be spread across all levels!

Being in this line for 8 years, I know how people might probably think that I am going to end up being a FUSSY and SKEPTICAL mum when it comes to early childhood education. This is especially so in terms of safety and curriculum. But in fact, all I ever wanted is a safe and secure place for Le Xin to be in and to develop happily. I know how tiring it is be a child care teacher so I think I will be last in the queue to be a TIGER MUM to her teachers! Seriously, I do mean what I said.

As for curriculum, I think every parent would hope to enrol their child into a "branded" school with a very well planned curriculum to help their children in terms of academics so as to prepare them for P1. However, I strongly believe that it's not just about what the teachers are doing with my child in school because I sincerly want to play a bigger role in my child's life too. I truly believe that all parents are their child's first teachers and that parents should not solely depend on the school for their child's well being and development.

Here are some photos that Teacher Lin gave me in a CD. The first two pictures are taken by me! I do really appreciate all the hard work that the teachers are putting in for the children in MFS@ Bedok 3! Being in the ECE field is never easy, it  takes so much more than just "Patience" and "Love" to teach young children.

Le Xin eating her noodle independently at her school! For the first time, I felt that she has really grown up and she is more competent than I thought she could be! Bravo! Mummy is so proud of you!

Daddy Scott and I gathered that this is one of Le Xin's favourite activity in school. Scooping cotton balls from one bowl and transfering them to another. Good way to refine her fine motor skill. Way to go my darling girl!

On the second day of school, it was Daddy Scott's turn to accompany Le Xin. I am glad that he is willing to help out.... Good involvement Daddy Scott! I think he was trying to help Le Xin to get up the balancing equipment for the obstacle course. I feel that this activity really helps children to develop their gross motor skills as well as coordination.

On the third day, it was Ah Ma's turn to accompany Le Xin. Ah Ma said that Le Xin was really hungry when she was engaging in this cookery activity. She can't wait to eat her mash potato! Poorthing! I think it's time for Le Xin to learn how to delay her gratification when it comes to good food. Haha! I really appreciate whatever my mother in law is doing for Le Xin and us! Where to find this kind of MIL..... I can only thank God for her!

Le Xin stacking the big blocks with her friend, what are you building our little friend? Care to share your learning experience with Mummy and Daddy?

Le Xin engaging in social play with her friend in school, I think it's always good to have someone to scoop the cotton balls with you isn't it Le Xin?

Teacher Lin engaging Le Xin's with manipulative. I like how focussed she was in this photo! I played with this manipulative before with the children in our PG class in my previous school. It's not an easy manipulative for toddlers and it does take a bit of effort to fix it. My students used to say this to me Teacher Linda help me so I guess now it's your turn to say this to your teacher Le Xin :) 

Is this your first sand play in school Le Xin? It looks really fun and I hope you are enjoying it!
The benefits of sandplay and waterplay are endless, that all I can say and I am glad she is doing this at MFS!

All right, will post more photos next time!

Leaving with a quote from an African proverb "It takes a village to raise a child" I truly believe raising a child is not just effort from one or two people (parents for example). It really takes the whole community to value the needs of the children and to raise them well. If you are an operator of a school be it a child care centre or a kindergarten, think about the impacts you have made on the lives of these young children who will soon grow to become our future that we we can depend on....

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