Baby Le Xin

Friday 22 June 2012

Water Painting!

This learning experience was inspired by my ex-colleague in Lutheran Child Care Centre, Tampines.

I went to fetch Le Xin from my mother-in-law's place and my MIL told me that she had cooked Le Xin's dinner so she asked me to stay a little longer.

I think it would be a good idea to keep her occupied as she waits for her dinner so I decided to bring her to the shop nearby to purchase some brushes for water painting.

Le Xin picked the brushes that she likes - two small brushes and one big one, next she paid $2 to the cashier. I could tell that the shop keeper really loves her, he kept patting her head and said Mei Mei heng jiu mei you kan dao ni le! (I've not seen you for a long time!) Then we head back and started our painting!

Le Xin picked up her little red brush and started making different marks on the ground. She was really excited to see the images appearing but the water dried up quickly on the ground so she had to dip her brush into the container filled with water several times.

Wow that's a lot of water said Mummy and before I knew it, she tried to dip the brush into the water and spray it at me. Then she started laughing as she did that! How cute!

Le Xin tried to take a closer look at what she was painting..... It was really fascinating to know that she could use this form of painting to communciate her ideas!

I wanted to give a go too! So I painted Le Xin! I know it's look kinda weird cause Le Xin has short hair! Hey that's you Le Xin and I hope that your hair will grow as long as this said Mummy excitedly and Le Xin looked at the picture that I drew and started laughing. She appeared to be very motivated by my drawing (ahem ahem) and started painting but she picked up so much water from her brush and this was what happened

My mother-in-law came out and said to her Wow Le Xin you playing with water, is your clothes wet?
Haha! What really suprised me was that when I touched her clothes.....every part of her clothes and even her undies were dry! I wonder how  she could amazingly keep her clothes dry when she kept splashing the water at me (Hmph!)

How easy it is to just paint with water. A very good way to express ideas, refine  fine motor skills and even relieve stress at the same time! Water dries up as fast as you paint them which equates to ZERO MESSINESS :p

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