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Saturday 2 June 2012

Caring for Bambi our Pet Bunny!

At end of the year 2011, I decided to purchase a bunny as a family pet. I need to stress that I did not buy the bunny just for Le Xin , it was supposed to be my pet because I understand that Le Xin is just far too young to understand the concept of responsibility so I cannot expect her to take care of my rabbit but in the end...... it turns out to be a pleasant surprise and the two of them actually become best of friends!

It all started out with Le Xin doing her weekly observation of Bambi, like how she eats her pellets, how Mummy combs her fur and etc... and Le Xin really loves to watch us care for Bambi! She always like to pick up hays to feed her.

Next Le Xin began to interact with Bambi, here's an observation of her initiating a play with Bambi using a small orange plastic ball!

Daddy Scott obviously helped a lot by reinforcing the importance of feeding Bambi nutritious food like oats. He showed Le Xin how to feed Bambi while Le Xin patted her sweet!

This is probably one of my favourite photo of Le Xin caring for Bambi! That's is why I added it as one of the photos at the top of this blog. Le Xin is beginning to take an active role to take care of Bambi all by herself, patting her when she was eating her oats. In fact, Le Xin also helped to train Bambi with papaya treats and she said Up to Bambi first and if Bambi listens to her by doing a tiptoe, she will feed her the treat, the only two words I can use to describe this situtation is EXTREMELY CUTE! I always feel like giving my darling girl a big squeeze when she does that, haha!

When Bambi turned six months old, Le Xin also helped to feed Bambi vegetables, she will always wait for me patiently to wash the vegetables and walk to the door to wait for me to carry her into Bambi's room. Then Le Xin started to feed Bambi, saying Eat a few times while feeding her.

What really amazed me was this particular observation that I had. I would usually explain to Le Xin how I will put pellets in Bambi's yellow bowl so that Bambi could eat when she is hungry and  Le Xin suggested to me that she wanted to fill up Bambi's bowl with pellets by bringing the pellet container to me.

 Thinking she will probably make a big mess I was really reluctant to let her put the pellets in but I kept reminding myself that I need to apply what I have learnt from the Reggio Emilia Approach which states that we need to focus on the Image of the Child and believe that children are COMPETENT.

Alright I gave in and decided to let her have a try!

The first time she tried and most of the pellets spilled on the ground. She appeared to be a little upset and gave a shocking look. Thinking that her fine motor skill might not be ready for her to do this, I was really tempted to tell her Nevermind Le Xin I think Mummy can do it, why don't you just watch how Mummy pours the pellet in. However, when I saw her eagerness and the look that she was just not ready to give up, I paused and waited.

She was really into this "Come Let Me Try Again" spirit, so she moved back and tried to scoop the pellets again with a small container.

Hooray! Le Xin did it! She was able to pour the pellets into Bambi's bowl without spilling, I was so happy for her and praised her Well done Le Xin, that's good feeding and I am sure Bambi is very happy that you have helped to fill her bowl today! She smiled at me when I said that to her.

Le Xin helped to cap the container and said Close while turning the cover.

Lastly I asked her where to keep the container? She got up slowly, hug the bottle and walked towards the closet and kept the container at the same location she took it from. How smart! Alright I admit all mummies will feel that their children are the smartest and I am definitely one of them too :p

This is post is all about the love that a toddler has for a little animal in her life. Before I purchased Bambi, I was quite skeptical about articles stating that rabbits are not suitable for very young children. It's not exactly right because Le Xin truly loves Bambi and I can see the bonding she had with her everytimes she visits our PET ROOM, yes the entire room dedicated to just one rabbit which often makes Daddy Scott hopping MAD haha! 

Offering a wonderful experience for a child to care for an animal is probably one of the greatest ways to teach her about love and kindness but every child reacts to animals differently. The big idea is that before you buy a pet you must be prepared for all circumstances and buying a pet like a dog, rabbit or cat is a long term committment you must be ready before you buy! Always think twice.....I have personally seen too many cases of abandoned pets and they always give me the same old reason I GAVE UP MY PET FOR MY CHILD/ sad but it happens all the time....All I can say now is a big thank you to God for a loving pet and a loving child!

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