Baby Le Xin

Thursday 9 August 2012

Coloured Salt Crystals!

Sharing another activity which I did with Le Xin using food colouring on National Day.... Somehow Mummy is really quite obsessed with the use of food colouring it seems :p I've gotten this idea from KidsCraftWeekly it's a fantastic website and every parent and educator should check it out!

This learning experience is quite engaging and fun's a little tricky to do it with a toddler.

I told Le Xin that we were going to create salt crystals and gave her a bottle filled with salt to explore... She used a spoon and tried to stir the salt in the bottle.

This was the part which I find it quite tricky for a toddler to do but still we tried it and made it! Le Xin was attempting to scoop salt (fine particles) into the small plastic bowls. It was not easy and there was spillage over all but it's okay.......the whole idea was to stay calm and cool!

I dropped a bit of red food colouring and observed Le Xin's reaction. She took an ice-cream which I prepared for her and started poking the "red spot".

Le Xin try stirring the salt, what can you see? asked Mummy. Le Xin stirred the salt and observed how the colour changes.

Le Xin added a little water into the bowl. She tried to stir again and noticed some of the salt began to dissolve. Le Xin, this mixture is too wet, just like the jelly mixture that we did last time... so maybe let's try to do it again but this time without the water okay? suggested Mummy.

Le Xin went over to Mummy excitedly and gave her a bottle of blue food colouring and said blue. So Mummy asked Le Xin if she wants to try putting the food colouring in. Mummy gave her a straw and she gently dipped the food colouring in.

When Le Xin was stirring the mixture, she kept saying blue and became quite excited. Some of the blue salt crystals actually flew out of the bowl and landed on Mummy's lap whahahahha!

We tried mixing yellow food colouring into the salt too. These were the food colouring salt crystals that we made.....I am going to keep them in a spice jar once they are dry and it will be part of our materials in our Atelier where Le Xin can sprinkle them on her art work just like glitters!

Each day as I grow with my child, I find myself turning into a keen learner too. I read somewhere that some Mummies think very carefully about what to do with their child/children so that the learning is purposeful..... I feel bad because I do not plan at all, it's always very spontanteous.... I like the discovery and the emergent feeling...once I think too much about something....the kind of excitement will suddenly disappear.......I am glad Le Xin is with me to enjoy this learning journey :) love love my best friend that God has given to me!!!

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