Baby Le Xin

Friday 10 August 2012

Outing to Kids Kampong!

If you haven't been to Kids Kampong, you really should! Thumbs up to that fantastic place, even as adult, I have enjoyed the outing soooo much! It's quite affordable too just $14 for Le Xin and I to enter....and it comes with a small pail and a net, 1 bottle of mineral water and a small cup of ice-cream.....Of course I have to mention you get to keep all the fishes you caught too :)

 Thanks to Bin Bin Ah Yi for the invite haha :) I've added some caption below each photo (probably one of the entries with the MOST photos)...They are not the actual words that the children said but it's just for the fun of it :)  Those words that they said are all highlighted in red.

The Longkang Fishing is definitely the highlight of that place!

Wow Mummy what's this? Lots of fishes swimming in there.....

Let me scoop and see if I can catch anything...

Hmph!!! Why can't they just give me a bigger net?

At the mean time, Tricia and Travis were trying their luck too!

I caught nothing so far....maybe I need some help :(

Tricia da jie da guiding Le Xin on how to fish!

In the end......还是让 Uncle Dylan 出马!!! haha The ultimate catcher for Longkang Fishing :)

When Le Xin saw this.....she immediately looked at Mummy and said Fish

Travis observing the Koi Fish too!

Can you give me some food to feed the fish? Share said Le Xin

Alright open your hand first replied Tricia

Tricia sharing the feeder with Travis too :) Good sharing Tricia, well done!

Le Xin and Tricia feeling the Koi Fish

Travis was feeding the fish while Le Xin observed how the Koi moved up towards them.

A close up photo of all the fat looking Koi, they are extremely adorable and Mummy tried touching them too :)

Then Le Xin spotted some bunnies and said Rabbit

A close up photo of one of the bunnies :)

Le Xin walking on the bridge.....

Fish Le Xin called out!!! I was kind of worried that she might fall off......fortunately it was still quite safe for her to lean over

A close up photo of what Le Xin saw......

Le Xin said Duck when she spotted them

Le Xin stood there for quite a while to observe the ducks... Tricia gave her some feeder to feed the ducks, she was supposed to put the food inside the red bowl but she couldn't reach it due to her height.

Here's a close up photo of what she saw....

Then she went over to observe two other ducks at "ground" level

This time, she could reach and finally she was able to feed them!

Tricia said Look! Le Xin replied Wow and Travis was stunned.... maybe he was just too amazed!!! So what did they see?


Le Xin and Travis were taking a closer look at the tortoise :)

I love this photo......when I took it I strong feel that it is such a powerful image that depicts the social interaction which was going on among the three kids......It was through such situation where they could really apply what we adults always wanted them to learn -----> SHARE! haha

Tricia giving Le Xin some of the pellets for her to feed the tortoise

What seems easy to us was really difficult for this cute toddler who was trying so hard to pick up the pellets from her palm with her little fingers and she kept dropping them on the ground....Aww~

Le Xin pointed and said Tortoise while feeding them!

Travis was feeding a tortoise that was crawling towards him...

Le Xin was observing the chicken.....When Mummy asked her Do you know what are these? She replied ken and I pointed to them and told her These are hens and they lay eggs.... Haha guess what she did? She raised her hand, I guess she must have thought that I was refering to "hand" :p

Tricia wanted me to take a photo of this - Different Types of Eggs!

Ah Yi guiding Travis and Le Xin on how to feed the Koi Fish!

Here's come Little Tevin who was so curious about what his sister was doing...

Tevin used the net and attempted to catch the Koi!!!! (Ohhh noo~)

Hey read the sign over there didi.....DO NOT CATCH THE FISH!!! Look how serious Tevin looked when Tricia explained to him that he shouldn't use his net.

Haiz......Alright I will just use my "eye power" then :(

Le Xin and Tevin asking for feeder to feed the fish!

Travis and Le Xin asking for more feeder!!!

Le Xin come and feel the fish, they will suck your hand and I like this feeling said Tricia but Le Xin was scared to touch them!

She would rather just stand and feed them and yes we respected that!

Before you leave can you take a picture of me? I am just too cute right?

My sister washing Tevin's hands

Tricia washing her hands, Travis asserting independence in pressing the soap......while Le Xin needs help because she can't reach, so my sister helped her to wash her hands.

After the visit, we all sat down and begam eating our ice-cream!

Haha look how the three of them were busy scooping the cute!

Tricia shared her ice-cream with her brother, Tevin :)

Travis was supposed to share his ice-cream with his Mummy but he ended up eating most of the ice-cream whahahaha which made my sister quite cross and that also led to Ms Tricia feeling quite jealous :( Not fair protested Tricia whahahaha Ah yi was laughing at one corner....children will always be children~

Le Xin enjoying the ice-cream and yes she shared it with Mummy! Thanks we really love eating the ice-cream together......and the bonding too :)

This was not Tricia and Travis's first trip to Kids Kampong so they were quite familiar with that place and were really good at orientating Le Xin :) They showed her around and taught her so many things..... When I was observing their interaction, I could see how Le Xin was picking up new skills just by imitating her cousins' actions and listening to what they were talking about. I really wish Daddy Scott could join us, a pity he needs to work  that day but that's alright because I will surely visit Kids Kampong again. Hopefully Daddy Scott will fair better than us in terms of catching more long kang fish! Ending this post with a cute video of them feeding the tortoise!


  1. We @ Pasir Ris Kid's Kampong are delighted to see such great shots and to know that Lexin and her cousins had enjoyed themselves! This outdoor learning exposure gives the children the opportunity to learn in an engaging and stimulating environment. They would be able to use all their senses to learn and participate in such an experience. We look forward to welcoming Lexin again in the near future especially in our upcoming Children's Day Celebration Carnival! Thanks Lexin's Mummy!

    1. You are most welcome.....I should be the one saying thank you for offering such a great place for the children to be "immersed" in. You are right, I really find that Kids Kampong is an engaging and stimulating environment. I have visited quite a few farms in Singapore and I have to admit Kids Kampong is the BEST! I am looking forward to visit Kids Kampong again with my family :)