Baby Le Xin

Friday 3 August 2012

Sculpturing @ MFS

Today's post is a special documention contributed by Teacher Lin, Le Xin's form teacher from MFS! Teacher Lin has documented the learning process of Le Xin engaging in a sculpturing activity at school which she conducted with the children.I have included my comments "Mummy's voices" too. Thanks Teacher Lin once again, I really appreciated your effort in creating this documentation, it's definitely special to me and to Little Le Xin as well!

Mummy's Voice: Le Xin, Mummy is really proud of you! I am glad you are participating in sculpturing at school. Look how good you are in pressing the clay!! I wonder how does it feels like? Is it soft and sticky? Was it fun like playing dough at home? I bet it must have been an enjoyable expereience for you. I really like how you dug the clay with your little fingers.... Haha!

Mummy's Voice: Wow! Look how your friend was observing you ripping the clay. I am sure she wanted to join you too. Did you offer her some of your clay? It's good to share and I guess you know that, because you often ask me to share things with you too isn't it? :) What were the different shapes that you have created?

Mummy's Voice: Some good rolling you have there!! Wow~ Daddy's technique in guiding you how to roll the dough must have left an impact on you. Look how focused you look when you rolled your clay! Well done my darling girl :)  

According to "Making Learning Visible" by Project Zero - Reggio Children, in the preschool of Reggio Emilia, documentation is viewed as "assessment" like marks in a record book. It is both a product and a process that seek to represent in words and images the working, playing and learning of groups and individuals.  True enough, I strongly believe that young children SHOULD NOT be assessed through tests, exams or even checklists which are sometimes merely based on their abilities at that moment. The progression of a child in his/her different domains of development is something all parents and educators should look into and not just focus on that moment of glory. 
Hence, I feel that documention served as a great platform for parents to gain insight of what their child is learning and doing in school. It is something that all parents should learn to value and appreciate. It is through this form of communication where the bond between the child, the teacher and the family is closely knitted and formed based on a trusting relationship that their child is in the good hands of his/her teachers.

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