Baby Le Xin

Monday 6 August 2012

Experimenting with food colouring, milk and detergent!

This experiment was inspired by my ex-colleague Raisha from Etonhouse.. We did this experiment with the N2 children in school and they simply love it. So I thought of trying it out with Le Xin and Daddy Scott and yes they were quite amazed by the outcome.

Hi everyone, this is what we need - milk, food colouring, detergent, a cotton bud...It's that you can try it at home too!

Firstly, Le Xin poured in the milk.
Mummy helped to put the food colouring in.

Daddy Scott said that the food colouring looked like a smiley face in the milk......haha yes indeed!

Le Xin dipped the cotton bud that was soaked in detergent into the mix with food colouring. The food colouring began to spread sideway!

The food colouring is moving...Mummy said excitedly

Does this reminds you of Paddle Pop?

Just look at how beautiful it looks!

Le Xin kept dipping the cotton bud into the mixture, till the food colouring stop moving. It was all mixed up, then she started stirring till the mixture turned into a dull purple solution.

Mummy and Le Xin were having so much fun with food colouring so far......We never knew the many usages of this special ingredient! Next up......exploring food colouring with salts!

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