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Saturday 18 August 2012

Crafting with Cellophane Paper again!

I did a post about crafting with cellophane paper and toilet rolls sometime back, today we explore another simple crafting activity!

In the previous activity, we only used the red cellophane paper so this time I opened up all the cellophane paper of different colours and placed them on the table for Le Xin to explore and guess what she did?

Haha she placed it on her head....maybe she thought it was a scarf or a hat? Hmmm....

I cut each piece about half of an A5 size and placed them on the table.

How fun it was to see Mummy in different colours once again!!!

Then I explained to Le Xin that these were the materials we need to use.... Plastic Wrapping flim, cellophane paper and glue....actually we need to use scotch tape and drawing board too but when this photo was taken....I didn't know we need to use them:) 

Le Xin was helping Mummy to wrap the plastic flim onto a A4 size drawing board.

This requires some guidance....I taught Le Xin how to hold the scotch tape and how she could slowly attach it to the flim and press. It was difficult for her to do so.....but at least she tried!

As it was difficult to cut the cellophane paper with her training scissors, I did not asked her to cut them. Instead, I used a regular scissors and cut a small slit then I get Le Xin to help out with the tearing of the cellophane paper. This would also help her to refine her fine motor skill.

Then Le Xin used a glue stick to spread onto the plastic flim. Actually normal watery glue should work better then glue stick but I do not have one at home. Anyway glue stick should be easier for a toddler to handle isn't it? I was thinking young children tend to press the glue bottle very hard and all the watery glue will be gushing out and we might end up with too much of glue on the flim...just my assumption though :p

I always like to see her little fingers engaging in pasting and I don't know why hahaha!

Give it a press...Mummy suggested!

I asked Le Xin what's another way to ensure that the cellophane paper will be stuck onto the plastic flim and in the's what she did---> Stamping it with her legs (alright this was suggested by Mummy, it wasn't her idea but I guessed she had fun doing that, cause she was smiling all the way)

Lastly it was to display her work on our window, I carried her up with my arm and said Wow Le Xin that's your work which you did together with Mummy, it's beautiful isn't it? Look at the different colours.....nice?

I was thinking of revisitng this idea with Le Xin tomorrow......Perhaps we could look at the colours once again and discuss about how the two colours when place on top of each other will form another colour. If I have a light box/light table, I would definitely place the plastic flim on top of it...Haha this sparks another new idea of mine........How about creating a light box together with her? Wow.....I am starting to get excited about it haha! Seeya hope you like this learning experience of can do the same with your child/children/students :)   Be motivated!!! Their happiness should be our DRIVE towards crafting with them :)

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