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Saturday 29 June 2013

Celebrating Wai Gong's Birthday!

 I am always grateful to my dad for who I am today. Some people would ask me---> How is like to grow up in a single parent family? My answer to them will always be There isn't a huge difference seriously.... Reason being ---> Though I lost my mum when I was 8, I  do not feel that I am deprived of parental love because I have received double the amount of love from my dad .... He has been showing a lot of love and affection towards my sister and I since we were young, till this very day he still treats us like his "babies" hahaha but of course this sort of love has now extended to his grandchildren too and that's like WOW!!!!

 Of course there were ups and downs, good and bad times too. We do know life is not a bed of roses. We had countless quarrels and fighting  (ya caning) hmph.... but all in all I seriously think my dad plays his role well as a father. He painstakingly raise the both of us and he has indeed been through a lot in his life, my sister sms me one day saying Papa must be glad that we turned out okay despite being a single parent.....Her words has hugely touched my heart....  So well done Papa! 

 His love for us has greatly motivated me to be a good mother....not that I a super good one at least I know I am always trying my best :) So I really think parental love is important especially during the early years so never take your role as a parent lightly okay?

Back to the topic for today....

My dad (Le Xin's wai gong turns 64), so we went to a Hong Kong Restaurant to celebrate his birthday...

A family photo----- both his sons in law were busy snapping our photos haha :) Cute Le Xin looking quite blur.....

This photos reminded me of what I just told my colleague a few days back...Birthday celebrations for ourselves have since change when we have our own kids...Reason being - our birthday celebrations will always ended up like we were celebrating for them.......They will be the one singing, blowing the candles and cutting the cake isn't it? Then we laughed about it.....This photo clearly depicts what I have said but on that day, it became his grandchildren's birthday because Tricia, Travis, Tevin and Le Xin were all eyeing on his cake whahahaha!
Papa and Bin

Papa and me!

Me, Papa, Bin and Travis

Kor Kor Auntie Pin and Papa

Auntie Pin and Papa...

After dinner, we went for a little shopping at Cold Storage and Wai Gong was there to entertain all the children....

Alright, not going to write too lengthy stuff, let the videos do the talking

We were all laughing like crazy when we saw Le Xin's expression when Tricia blew the candles....hahaha :)

What great fun they all had.......the children were thrilled indeed!

I often create opportunities for Le Xin to spend time with my father and my in-laws because I strongly believe that young children should value their extended family. How do you nurture your child so that he/she will understand the need to be filial towards you when you grow old next time? For me, it is to start from young. Be a good role model, show them how you treat your parents with respect, love and care and soon you will find them picking it up from you, it's that simple. Alright I hope my dad enjoyed his birthday celebration, it was really fun experience! Till the next time we celebrate his birthday for him again next year.......seeya :) 

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