Baby Le Xin

Thursday 27 June 2013

Doctor Set

We have been discussing a lot about occupations. Apart from teachers, another occupations that Le Xin could really relate to is doctor. That's because she often gets to see a doctor.....Hmm is that a good or a bad thing? :p

Anyway, we were at Tampines Mart and I saw a doctor set for sale so I decided to buy one for her so that she could  use it for role playing.... It was quite cool just observing her play.....

Let's take a look at what she did!

Le Xin with her doctor set

Can't wait to open the packaging....

Check her first patient - Penguin

Penguin breath said Le Xin as she started making the breathing realistic was that? Wow!

Let me feed you eat medicine said Le Xin as she tried to feed her monkey with a syringe....

 Recording her patient's condition.....Le Xin I hope your poor friends weren't too sick :(

Next she made her penguin put on the glasses found in her doctor set and put on my sunglasses....

Have you seen such a cute and cool 3 year old doctor?

Hand feeding her monkey some "tablets"

Examining her monkey after she fed it. I hope Monchichi will get well soon after you did such a great job to care for her said Mummy!  

Learning will always be truly fun when there are the suitable props and learning materials available to facilitate dramatic play and critical thinking skills. I could observe how Le Xin was capable of  improvising the materials that she has found around her environment  to conduct her health check as a doctor.  I thought that was really interesting and good! 

Apart from creativity, I also observed some form of language skills involved as she was role playing. Good Job Le Xin so what occupation would you like to role play the next time? 

Okay leaving you guys with a cute 30s video of her....

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