Baby Le Xin

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Sand Play

It was almost time for Le Xin to sleep but she kept telling me she was not sleepy yet and requested if I could just do one more activity with her so I thought for a while and decided to let her have a short sand play in the living room. Seriously, I was kind of regretting it when I was setting up because the sand that we used was was really fine and I was worried that the floor of the living room would be really sandy after her play. Nonetheless I still allowed her to play with it in the end.....

Let's check out this short learning experience :)

Hooray, all set up now I can play!

Scooping the sand first.....

Let's pour in my kuti kuti....

Giving it a stir...

\What happen when I tilt the spade?


Le Xin's green fists!

Exploring the properties of sand!

We know that children are always delighted to play with sand. It not only provides a sensory experience where the children can touch and feel  and find out the different properties of fact, it also encourages imaginative play. During my research on sand play, I found out that several psychologists have made used of sand tray to engage children in Sand Play Therapy. 

I was amazed, I didn't know that sand has such therapeutic effect on the mind but I could tell that Le Xin was definitely enjoying her play that night. She was really focused when  exploring the sand and was quite disappointed when I told her it was time to stop.

 So try it with your child/children/students! The tray can be bought from Daiso, as for the sand, you can get it at any aquarium shop. 

Ending this post with a short clip of Le Xin and thanks for reading :)

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