Baby Le Xin

Sunday 9 June 2013

Voices for Animals Adoption Drive!

If you have read my post on Ginger and Snow I supposed you already knew that dog is our favourite animal! 
.Le Xin and I have been discussing about street dogs and dog shelters for the longest time. I would like to expose her from young on the importance of adoption.

However at her age, this is quite a complex thing for her to understand. Firstly, I think I should start off by helping her understand the living conditions of the puppies' parents and how these doggies who are used for breeding are suffering under the hands of cruel sellers......In order to reinforce what I have shared..... I decided to bring her to an adoption drive!

 Voices For Animals Adoption Drive @ Pasir Ris Farmway 2. Even though we are not adopting, I wanted to let her have a hands on experience of seeing how  these doggies are still so lovable  despite their age and why they should be also given a second chance. I also wanted her to know that the people from VFA and done a good deed by saving these doggies.

Seriously, I am always very impressed and inspired by all these people who rescue animals. Kudos to them and I hope God continue to bless them in their rescue work.

As photography was not allowed during the adoption drive which I did not I only took this shot of Le Xin viewing the dogs.

PLEASE consider adopting a senior dog and give them a second chance......Voices for Animal is a charity and non profitable organisation who aims to help senior dogs (big and small breeds) by helping them to find their forever home. For more information, please click on the VFA pink image on the right hand panel and it will link you to their Facebook page. You can do your part by educating your child/children on the need to love animals and only purchase animals as pets if they are willing to spend time and be committed towards them!

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