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Sunday 2 December 2012

Christmas Craft #2 Christmas Wreath

Shortly, after engaging her in the making of a Christmas sock, I decided to make a Christmas Wreath. Actually I saw a nice Christmas Wreath made from hand prints from some webby which I couldn't remember which one. However, I find that that crafting activity is just too difficult for her to to perhaps I should give up the idea it's silly if the Christmas Wreath was mainly done by me isn't it? That was what I was thinking initially....Hmph!
But wait!
Why focus on the outcome of producing a wreath when I can focus on something else. So instead of getting her to print her hands with paint......which is an "OLD DROP TOOTH"(translate it to Chinese) art and craft activity...I decided that perhaps I can focus on getting Le Xin to help me with making a piece of green paper.
So we need to get all the materials ready first right?
First up......let's get ready a drawing board!
Then I told Le Xin I need to draw the outline of her hands and she said Mummy's turn....alright so I placed my hand and got her to do it first. Next, I started tracing her hands ten times onto the paper and she just waited for me patiently to trace all the outlines of her amazing she was!
Looking at the materials excitedly!
Le Xin took a small green spoon and scooped a bit of green oil pastel paint into a transparent container....
Le Xin began stiring and I commented Ohh the paint looks quite thick isn't it?
So I suggested to add some water, when Le Xin saw me pouring the water in she said Mummy put water
Le Xin stirred again and observed how the consistency of the paint changes...
I folded a small sponge and clipped it with a peg and handed it to Le Xin...
Le Xin dipped the sponge into the paint....
And she began painting...somehow I love this photo....she looks very sophisticated hahaha!

She continued painting until the whole paper turned green.....
We left the paper at one corner for it to dry.....and proceeded to do other stuff :)
When Le Xin was sleeping, I cut out the hand prints....and stick them around!
It's not that I am not allowing her to engage in the cutting but she is still not ready to cut out the outlines of her hands so forcing her to do so is meaningless....
I also pasted a ribbon made from pipe cleaners......and displayed it at her atelier!
This is another collaborative project of ours! Sometimes it doesn't matter if a child can't do a craft all by himself/herself. What really matters is always the process more than the product. If one values the process, he/she values how things are being done rather than what's being done agree? So Mummy or Daddy can always give a helping hand... In this learning experience,  I could tell Le Xin really enjoys painting the green paper for me to complete the wreath.....even though the main bulk of the project was done by me, Le Xin was also involved in a part of  it and that's good enough.....I am sure she loves the process of painting as much as I enjoy observing her! Haha just in case you are curious to know how the end product looks like.....
Just a small and simple wreath painted by Le Xin, cut and pasted by Mummy, humbly produced by the both of us :)

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