Baby Le Xin

Tuesday 11 December 2012

MFS Opening Ceremony for Bedok 3

Here's a short update on what happened to my darling girl during the Opening Ceremony of her preschool - My First Skool at Bedok 3...
She did a short performance that day with her classmates and I am so proud of her.
She sang and played with her instrument :p It's better than what I expected, afterall she is only a toddler and I thought it was good enough that she was not frighten to see a big crowd in front of her...
I was really excited to see her performance and I was really eager to find out what her reaction would be when she saw my mother in law and me... She smiled at us the whole time when we waved to sweet!
Here were some of the photos taken on that day...

She seemed to know that people are taking photos of them.....

Yes and one of them is your Mummy!
MIL was like Yiyun pai pai....pai duo yi dian :p

Was quite mad that my shot turned out quite blur....

Le Xin had lots of fun shaking the bell!

Towards the right.....Le Xin's pretty principal - Ms Pamela :)

Haha Le Xin's reindeer headband was definitely nicer than the one we made at home...

I am very curious to find out what was she thinking about when she was performing....

Not too bad managed to capture her captivating smile.....hmmmm feel like kissing her to no end!

Le Xin tapped her the music cute! haha everything was cute and nice to me on that day! I was just a very happy mum at that moment :)

I wish my legs are as flexible as hers.....she could sit in such a position for such a long time :)

Ah Ma and Le Xin Zhu Zhu!

Mummy and Baby Le Xin!

Another close up shot with Mummy.....

Ah Ma: You want hotdog?
Eh....isn't Le Xin eyeing on the hot dog all this while? :p

Yeah Ah Ma is the best!

My piglet!

MIL was definitely quite excited to take a photo with Mr Lim Swee Say!

Alright's the end of this post! It's a great experience attending the Opening Ceremony. When I entered the school, I could tell that so much of hard work was put in for this event. The teachers in Bedok 3 really did their best effort to decorate the place.... Well done :) I really appreciate the fact that the parents were invited for this event, at least I get to see my darling girl performing......Ending this post with two short videos of Le Xin...haha Ms Pamela was more excited than the children it seems :p

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