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Sunday 9 December 2012

Christmas Craft #3 - Reindeer Headband

This is a simple craft that anyone can do with their child/children! I've gotten the reindeer template from this webby. Next, I printed it for Le Xin to colour...

Using her big crayons, she started's okay if she colours out of the line, Mummy still thinks it is the most beautiful work haha
As usual, she was very focus in colouring every part of the template! Good Job Le Xin :)
Turning the page the other side, she started spreading glue stick to it. She pasted the paper onto a drawing board so that the paper will be thicker and easier for her to handle...Of course, this was guided by me.
Look how she takes pride in her work, she even showed a good sign with her thumb! haha :)
I helped Le Xin with the cutting of the parts of the reindeer and she helped out with the glueing...
A peculiar feeling came over much as I try to restrict myself from helping her.....I was helpless when she looked at me with innocent eyes and said Mummy help me!
Le Xin pasting the reindeer's nose :p
To secure some parts of the reindeer, Le Xin turned the reindeer and attached some scotch tape to it. She did some of the pasting by herself, as usual, it was not an easy task for her little fingers.
At times, I just need to remind her to press the tape down.
After all the pasting was done, I helped Le Xin to attached a headband to it and it was made from a long rectangular sheet of drawing board.
Le Xin was very excited when I placed the reindeer headband over her head....
My cute little darling!
I was once told by a teacher in a school that I used to work in that children should not use a default template when engaging in art and craft. Of course I don't deny using a template like this is a very traditional way of engaging children in crafting and I believe many people might think it's not a creative way too. However, I knew that I was not orientated towards transmission of knowledge, I did not neglect self-constructive aspect of growing and knowing when engaging Le Xin in the crafting process.
 I truly understand that how I conceived the way she develops has a big implication on the kind of educational pracctice which I will adopt. When I engaged her in the above learning experience, I still value the process of learning, thus I feel it's okay to use a template as long as at the end of the day, I have this awareness to support and facilitate as well as value the need to listen to what Le Xin wants to communicate. Documentation of her learning thus becomes a valuable way to help me to reflect as always!
Last but not least......
Le Xin is ready to role play as where's Santa?

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