Baby Le Xin

Sunday 2 December 2012

Progress in Climbing

Le Xin has been making new progress in climbing...This particular area of the playground equipment is what Le Xin has been trying to climb up to get to the top of the equipment. Previously, she was unable to do it......but now she can! Haha I am so happy!

The first time I saw her climbing up the frame was 24 November....I was must be thinking what's the big deal? Haha but certainly it was for me....hehe I am a crazy Mummy who always goes " progress.....well done Le Xin! hahaha :) not forgetting to take photo too! Kiasu or not?
Daddy Scott supporting Le Xin as she made her way up.....He like to say One day, if it's your Mum behind will lose your two front teeth.... Hey don't be so bad to me okay?
Building on her gross motor skill....but it's all about balancing too!
I'm usually panicky when Le Xin crosses over but she just did it as if it wasn't a thing or two to her :p We adults just worry too much!
As Le Xin progresses in her physical development, it just made me realised how much she has grown....she is no longer a little baby who crawls around anymore...she is no longer the little toddler I used to know where I could still bend down and say Come walk to Mummy! For days, weeks and months just pass so quickly before I knew it...she is almost 27 months old.....Wow! I really need to treasure every minute that I spend with her. More cuddle......more love........and most importantly more time for bonding!
Ending off with this cute picture of her which was taken almost a year ago, when she first put on the same Minnie Mouse dress that she was wearing in this post but back then she was still so babyish.....haha she still is actually and you know, no matter how old she is......the fact is that I am always her Mummy and she will always be my Baby Le Xin!
Yes! Forever indeed!
Isn't she lovely?

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