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Saturday 29 December 2012

Mould and Paint - Mermaids

Le Xin was really excited to open up her Christmas present (given by Daddy Scott) since the day she received it. However, it took us quite a while before we finally had the opportunity to work on it...Somehow, I am just too busy with other committments and I am feeling mad guilty about it.
Here's it is, the last post for the year 2012.....I will not be blogging new entries for the year 2013 yet because I am backdating Le Xin's baby posts before I continue! Haha for those who haven't see Le Xin as a small baby, you will get to see them on this blog now! Label under as Life As A Baby!
For now, let's check out our adventure as we embarked on our first project to mould and paint.

Le Xin with her Christmas Present!

After snipping the corner of the packet containing the plaster powder, Le Xin helped to pour the powder into the mixing bowl

She carefully used a syringe to draw 10ml of water

Then she pushed the syringe to remove the water...

Next, Le Xin used a chopstick to stir the powder

After exploring for quite a while, we gathered it's better to use a spoon instead, so Le Xin stirred the mixture again with a small blue spoon and transfered the sticky plaster into a mould with 6 assorted mermaid designs

I am quite surprised that Le Xin was actually quite good at this!

I noticed that the plaster was starting to harden so I asked Daddy Scott to give Le Xin a helping hand

Daddy Scott showed Le Xin how to scoop the remaining plaster and Le Xin observed carefully

We left the mould to set for a few hours...and when I try to lift up the mould to put it aside, hey! It started to feel quite hot...Wow! I was amazed and got Le Xin to touch it too and Le Xin said Hot! Daddy Scott said there was somekind of chemical reaction going on that caused the heat to be produced...yeah  I agree and think that's the logic behind it :)

When the plaster has completely hardened, I carefully removed them from the mould and Le Xin was very excited to paint the mermaids hahaha...

Le Xin carefully used her mini brush to paint the first mould....

Choosing the colour she wanted to use to paint her mermaid....

Finally, she used a big brush to paint all over....haha looking at her made me understood the true meaning of creativity because

Just by looking at our could clearly tell which were the ones that were painted by me....haha am I right? This is the one thing that is truly amazing about children! Somehow I just like how they mix colours....

Each time I obseve Le Xin, I gain new insight on how young children learn and it also helps me to  perceive things in a different way. Sometimes, it's difficult to express such a feeling through words. I often get to witness the wonder of learning when I am interacting with Le Xin, somehow, it just appears so naturally as if it has always been there.

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