Baby Le Xin

Sunday 7 July 2013

Painting with Ice

Yes, I know it's food colouring again. Are you guys getting sick of me using food colouring because I realised that I have 12 blog entries on how we used food colouring as part of our learning experiences. If you want to know, just type food colouring in the search box and you can find them. 

So this time, I decided to freeze food colouring in water for painting and this is how it looks like :)

The minute I told Le Xin she can start painting....she was excited to jump right into it.

Does she Look like Huang Fei Hong or not whahaha :)

Observing her Popsicle....

Squatting down to paint....

Moving her "new found" painting tool...

Let's use another colour now!

Le Xin carefully stepped on the mahjong paper and tried to paint other areas.

Mummy there is water inside said Le Xin Yes the ice is beginning to melt replied MummyT2X

Looking at her masterpiece and wondering where to paint :)

Le Xin began to place her fingers on the ice, it soooooo cold said Le Xin

Next, she went on to explore painting with her fingers because there was blue droplets of water on them....

The end result......a creative art piece painted by my darling girl!

I love reading a Reggio Children book entitled "Children, Art, Artists". In this book, it features the expressive languages of children through the Arts. To me, art is like a visual gift. Though I am not a very artistic person, I do agree that art is like food for thought and imagination. When working alongside with Le Xin, I always have to remind myself that her work MUST REMAIN as Le Xin - herself, her own strategies of thought, her knowledge-building process and her own relationship. So I need to encourage creativity and originality. This is often easier said than done but I will focus on my role to be a good listener to this form of visual language and ensure I support her in every way I can :)

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