Baby Le Xin

Tuesday 9 July 2013

Printing using her plastic animal toys!

Here's another printing activity which I did with Le Xin, this time round with her animal toys! I thought it was quite simple and fun so do try it out with your kids too!

Firstly, she took up a green marker and started drawing wavy lines, I assumed those lines were grass

Next, she drew two vertical lines, which I can't really make up what's that until she drew a circle around it......

So those vertical lines above was the trunk and the circular mark was drawn to form a tree and she continued to draw a circular marks using an orange markers to represent the sun! Mummy I am drawing the orange sun.....see said Le Xin

Time to paint the animals.

She started to paint the tiger's feet first!

Next she went on to print the tiger's feet on her self-created jungle!

I like how she confidently tap the tiger on the paper! Yeah, foot print marks cool isn't it?

Dipping her brush into the paint...

She painted the next animal, an elephant!

As she was printing the elephant on the paper, she said The mummy elephant walk like this

Her elephant took a long stroll in her jungle haha :)

Lastly, she painted the bottom of a plant

This is for the tree said Le Xin. It appeared that she was printing the leaves on the tree but I didn't want to assume so I just continue to observe.

The cute thing about Le Xin was....while she was painting, she keep running towards different objects to identify the colour which was similar to the paint or paint brush she was using. For e.g if she used a pink brush and pink paint she would say Let me find something pink...then she would point to her shoes or run to the windmill to point to that colour. I admit I used to play colour hunt with her but I didn't expect she would apply it during her art session with me and I was truly thrilled to see that happening.

Le Xin taking pride in what she has done!

Not just that.....

Le Xin also helped out in the washing of her toys...

Her height didn't hinder her a bit. She confidently stood on a stool to engage herself in the washing of her toys. I knew I had to capture a shot of her little cute right? (alright I know...... only to me okay?)

Brush, brush, her toy a good scrub! Thank you Le Xin for helping :)

This post encompasses a few things I wish to highlight. 

1. Always give your child the freedom to explore but it must first be safe of course!

2. Don't always think you need to be around to instruct. Instead, be there to listen, to facilitate, to guide and to support...This is very much different from instructing because in general if you focus too much on instructing your child, she might just lose the confidence you want her to have. The reason is simple ----> She will feel that you do not think she is competent enough that is why you need to keep telling her what to do so kindly have some form of self control :)

3. Enjoy the learning process with your child. It's not always about the end's not always about what you want her to achieve. Sometimes give yourself a break and just ENJOY!

4. Lastly, think about how you want to make learning intentional but not over controlling. In the above learning experience, I chose to give her the opportunity to clean her own toys. I assume that I don't need to go on as to why I chose to do that. I guess the learning that goes behind this action of mine is pretty obvious.

Alright ending my post with.......
Le Xin's big cutie usual her neck is now where to be seen hahaha :)

I love you very much Le Xin and even if I have to say that a million times I will still do so...

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