Baby Le Xin

Saturday 6 July 2013

Bathing her Baby!

Remember this post where Le Xin dramatised a scene where her baby doll has fallen sick and she had to take care of her? This time I decided to offer Le Xin another opportunity to role play as a Mummy again so I went to Tampines Mart to buy her a plastic doll. 

Here's a detailed observation of how Le Xin bathed her doll in one of her play. I thought she was quite meticulous about some of the details when bathing her "baby". 

Bring it on! Le Xin is ready to be a good nanny :)  

Using a scoop to collect some water

Pouring the water in...

Checking the temperature

Putting her baby into the water slowly....

Pressing for soap...

Washing the head...

Using a shower head to bath the baby...

Trying out another method...

Wiping the baby's body with a cloth...

Towel dry her baby

Putting on the diaper for her baby

Nicely wrapped up!

For once, I thought she was doing CPR haha~

I want to feed my baby milk milk now said Le Xin 

 I strongly believe that dramatic play should be included in Le Xin's life. The reason is because I find that dramatic play is very similar to that of the reality of the world. For instance in this observation, Le Xin was given the opportunity to construct knowledge based on her own interest. 

When she was bathing her baby, I observed that Le Xin was talking to me too. She was informing me what she was going to do. This learning has contributed to both her intellectual and language development.

Let's watch what Le Xin said when she was feeding her baby....

Le Xin was very troubled when the milk bottle can't fit into the baby's mouth

Just an example of lots of thinking going through a child's mind as she role play.

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