Baby Le Xin

Monday 22 July 2013


One of the random things we did to refine our fine motor skills was to engage in simple sewing using a plastic needle. I was trying to look for a plastic needle for the longest time...and sometimes in life if you believe in the law of attraction hahaha all you need to do is just to ASKand you shall RECEIVED! Woohoo~

So somehow when I opened a MI (Multiple Intelligence) gift bag which I have gotten from Child First Preschool's open house, there was a goodie pack with a sewing kit in it....which comes with two plastic needles!!! How exciting......I was thrilled and.......

So was Le Xin.....

Look at that smile of hers, the photo above is not very clear but I am sure you can feel her happiness!

Red string Mummy said Le Xin ohh you mean red thread? replied Mummy

What's this? asked Le Xin... It's a sewing frame replied Mummy 

Wow I like this, my favourite blue! said Le Xin

See I can see you through the holes said Le Xin

Look like spectacles right? asked Le Xin

Le Xin began her sewing....

She carefully placed the plastic needle through the holes of the frame and started pulling the thread......Well done my darling girl!

Then she went on to try a different frame, in and out she continued sewing. When she was working on the third frame.........

She insisted that she would like to put the red woolen thread through the needle hole by herself. Even though it was extremely tricky for her, she persevered by putting in her best effort and finally she did it (with a lot of Mummy's help of course) 

These were the coloured frames she ended up sewing. Did you notice that she couldn't finish each frame?  That was because her attention span is relatively short . After sewing through a few holes for each frame, she gave up and told me she wanted to try a new frame instead and when she was working on the yellow one, she began to LOSE her interest to sew completely hahaha....  I don't want to do this anymore said Le Xin. Of course I asked her why... the funny thing was...before I could get an answer from her, she was already climbing off the bed trying to find the next learning material that she could play with. That's what happens when you "work" with young children.......

If there is one thing you can take away from this post I hope you will agree with me that it's pointless to force any child to engage in something that no longer interests him or her.....I think I ever mentioned this once in one of my blog posts......before your child wants to stop doing something you have introduced...... it's always cool that you are the first person to say STOP instead. This kind of creates the anticipation of wanting to do the same activity with you again...... so try it the next time :)

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post....take care!

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