Baby Le Xin

Sunday 25 August 2013

Bubbles Fun!

Luckly Le Xin, she has gotten another birthday present from Daddy Scott again!

This time it's her favourite Trillion Bubbles set :)

Yahoooo~ I can't wait to play with Daddy!

Preparing the bubble mix!

Showing Le Xin how to dip the equipment in...

This video shows how the bubble equipment works...

Let's try it :)

Wow, it's so fun!

We also gave her a straw to poke the bubbles.....

Then it was Daddy Scott's turn to have a go at poking the bubbles.....

There is always something magical about playing with bubbles.....Children are often thrilled to see bubbles in whatever situation and no matter how different the bubbles look like! I often connect bubble play with GOOD EARLY CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCE and I certainly think every child should deserve that! So when your child is feeling bored, just bring him/her out and have some bubble fun :) Good bonding and instant happiness :)

This photo should convince you that what I have mentioned above is true whahaha agree?

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