Baby Le Xin

Monday 5 August 2013

Carrot Printing!

I found an old carrot left in fridge, and I knew it was not inedible anymore so any idea suddenly struck me that I could use it for a follow up activity after teaching Le Xin letter C last week.

Yes, it carrot printing :)

Let the photos
These were the materials we used...

Do you want a piece of carrot?

Look so yummy I feel like eating it!

Le Xin pressing the paint into a pellet 

Next, she dipped her carrot in and moved it in a circular direction, doesn't this remind you of what a Chinese emperor would do in the past? Haha!

Royal seal :)

Looking at the prints!

Let's try a different colour...

Stamping is fun!

Daddy Scott also popped by to help us carve a star shape on the carrot!

The Masterpiece!

A good reinforcement after learning the letter C!

It's always good to choose something simple where your child can be actively involved or something he/she can handle. For e.g if you choose to make a cat mask with your child/students when they are about aged 3. You will realise that the child either just colour or paint a printed template of a cat because the cutting is done by you. I won't say it's meaningless, it still a good follow up but lesser skills are involved....For the above activity, it's more of involvement and spatial orientation that I was looking at  rather than something skillful to learn. Once again, I enjoyed observing Le Xin. Hope you also like this simple learning experience of ours.

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