Baby Le Xin

Monday 26 August 2013

Sponge Printing

Here's a short art activity I did with Le Xin - Sponge Painting

Here's the materials we used. We bought the paint from Daiso!

Ohhhh.....let's start!

Squeezing out the paint from the tube....

Taking a look at the grass sponge....

Rubbing it on the plate before she continued with the printing.... 

Next, was red!

Rubbing a flower sponge.....

Pressing the sponge to form a print

Trying to print a yellow flower...

Such activity is engaging and I think most 3-year-old should be capable of  doing it on their own. 
Why is there a need  for children to feel autonomous where they could be in control of their learning?

This is closely link with self-esteem. To me when children are in control, it boost their self-esteem, thus helping them to feel that they can succeed to complete a task by themselves.  They should be giving opportunities to decide, evaluate, rethink and simply make choices. Our role is to encourage, facilitate and guide, let them know that even if the task is too difficult, you are always there for them and wonders will happen :)

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