Baby Le Xin

Saturday 24 August 2013

Eating Long Gan for the first time!

Le Xin first learnt about Long Gan when I introduced her the topic on fruits.

Today, she has her first taste of this delicious fruit!

Here's the yummy Long Gan!

Wow quite a lot of me to pluck!

Hmm... let's feel the texture of the skin...

I will pluck them out one by one...

One...two...three... dropping the long gan in a bowl...

Looks like an egg 

I am done said Le Xin

Wow, this is how the long gan looks like inside.....

Smells good too!

Feels soft.....

Let's try to remove the seed now...

So how should I do it?

Maybe I can try to peel it.....

Little Hands @ Work

Better pop it into my mouth before it's gone!

Wow.....Shiok :)

Le Xin had a great time, plucking, counting and exploring the long gan... She doesn't really fancy the taste of the fruit. She told me they were too sweet for her but she enjoyed the learning experience. I kept the branches for a follow up art activity. 

Always expose children to different types of fruits and observe their expressions when they try eating those fruits for the first time haha :) Their curiosity is really something worthy to be documented! 

Leaving you with videos of cutie Le Xin!

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