Baby Le Xin

Thursday 22 August 2013


Sorry, I know I haven't been blogging lately. A lot of great things are happening to our lives but that also means we are a lot busier than we used to be....alright so let's get down to backtracking again! 

Back to month in August, I introduced the simple concept of  sorting to Le Xin! Remember this post? We did something similar but this time is simpler...

Here's what we did!

Mummy said we will be sorting again.....

It better be fun OR else......I am not going to do it haha :p

Let's scribble red......

Then blue.....

Next, green

Yeah last one is yellow!

Hey I found lots of punched shapes of different colours!

Hmm.....I've got to sort them in respective column 

Not too difficult but I am getting bored......

Le Xin was quite excited to paste the correct colour shapes in the correct column but after a while her interest just wasn't there so I left the chart at the Atelier...

The next day while I was cooking, I saw her going to the Atelier to continue working on it :) Cool!

That's how I introduced simple sorting.....Such chart can be used for graphing too! You can discuss how many shapes your child has pasted in each column, how many more or less! Simple math skills such as "interpretation of data" could be learnt from such a simple learning experience!

Hope you like this idea :)

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