Baby Le Xin

Saturday 24 August 2013

Crafting a Medal!

Le Xin has always been an obedient child and not just that she is also very understanding and patient so I am filled with gratefulness each time I think of how sweet she is:)

I always tell people how my life has completely changed ever since I have her to join me in my new journey as a Mummy!

Alright as part of the celebration, let's craft a medal and give it to her as a prize!

Extremely easy to make! Just have to find yourself a paper plate and paint it, that's the only trick :p

Le Xin called the shot in terms of which colour to use and how she wanted to paint the paper plate...

A beautifully rainbow paper plate painted by my darling :)

MummyT2X attached a blue string to the paper plate and gave Le Xin the medal! 
As usual she came up with a cheeky look :)

Are you sure my medal is just made from paper plate ?

Nonetheless I am still happy and satisfied as always :)

Hooray, now I feel like a champion :) Quick on that Crazy Frog song!!!

Whahahaha do you even remember this?

Okay MummyT2X has forced  me to take a photo again! Give her a patronizing smile :p

Okay no naggy reflection this time round. Just remember always see the goodness in your child and reward him/her with YOUR TIME!

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