Baby Le Xin

Sunday 11 August 2013

Le Xin's first experience with her tricycle!

Daddy Scott bought Le Xin a tricycle for her birthday :)

Here's Le Xin riding a tricycle for the first time in her life.....

Daddy Scott accompanying Le Xin to ride tricycle at the lift lobby. He attached a rope to pull her tricycle as she pedals...

Teaching her how to make a turn...

Patience is the key!

That is why a young child must always be supervised when he/she is playing. Look at what Le Xin was trying to do....

Haha Daddy Scott become Coolie Scott

Daddy Scott was kind of mad at me beause I kept snapping photos even when his hair was messy :p

Blessed is a child who has her parents to enjoy her childhood with her :)

Mummy's turn to pull....but obvious she prefers Daddy and so...

She requested with the most manja look --->Daddy can you pull me again? 

Yes... we know Daddy Scott just can't reject his darling :)

Le Xin was not able to pedal very well in the beginning, we kept encouraging and supporting her and she became super motivated to pedal after that :) Well done my darling girl. I find that the parent's attitude towards his/her child's learning makes a  whole lot of difference. Not just in terms of academic, it could be a simple thing like riding a tricycle. For example, when we kept on telling Le Xin  that she can do it, she just have to try again or put in more effort, we could tell that she became more confident. When she tried for the second time, she started to believe she can do it and wanted to show us just how capable she was.

Parental support and encouragement are essential in all aspects of a child's life. Are you also there to witness how this happen when you spend quality time with your child?

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