Baby Le Xin

Monday 12 August 2013

Crafting a Penguin!

 Le Xin has been showing increasing interest in....

This book by National Geographic Kids - Penguins!

Many at time I caught her sitting on the floor to read it, today I place the book on the table and true enough she immediately went to flip the book to look at the pictures and pretended to read it. idea struck me suddenly!

Yes, crafting again! Le Xin would you like to craft a penguin asked Mummy T2X, Le Xin replied Yes I want and so we started our crafting session!

Here's our learning experience :)

First I cut out a big circle from a drawing board for Le Xin to colour

Next, I cut out another smaller circle for her to paint. What colour would you like to use to paint your penguin? asked MummyT2X. I want to use black, black penguin like the penguin on the book replied Le Xin.

Nicely painted by Le Xin well done :)

Next, I cut out a small triangle for the nose and she chose to paint it blue.

She used a scissor and carefully cut out another shape for the body.

Applying glue...

Pasting the paper that she cut out previously!

She began drawing with a highlighter

Then she cut out two stripes of paper for the legs and colour one of them blue...

The other leg, she chose pink!

Sticking the legs on!

Followed by the nose...

And lastly the googly eyes......

Here's the penguin that Le X crafted......I was quite amazed because she tried to do some of the cutting by herself too :) Good effort my darling girl!

Children want the same thing we want. To laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained and  delighted - Dr Seuss

 Crafting is not always about producing a good looking end product. The process that comes along with it should include the laughter of a child, how it makes the child engage in critical thinking, be amused by the way things are done and to laugh out loud about it. So as I was reflecting, I think nothing else describe my feeling other than the quote above by Dr Seuss! 

Hope you enjoy reading how we crafted our simple looking Penguin :) 

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  1. I think the penguin looks v original and i really thought it v amazing that she could cut so well for her age! I wish i could raise my kids again n do this amazing things!